My lovely clients

“Natalie, thank you for the fact that now I'm looking in the mirror and see the scarlet flower instead of tired zombie-mother 🙂 Everything turned out as I wanted! Thank you!!”

Natalia Litvintseva27 Feb 2018 (translated)

“I did three procedures (filers and threads) at different times, I am very satisfied, Natalia is a professional, she consults and gives only the necessary information, unlike many. It is a pity that she does not live in my country 🙂 I will continue.”

Tatiana Sorokina3 Mar 2018 (translated)

“Natalia is not just a cosmetician, like many, but also a doctor, which is very important. It is taken for such problem areas, for which not every cosmetologist will take and the most important, always a great result. I especially recommend those who want to fix anything without surgery!”

Anna Belozertseva4 Mar 2018 (translated)

“Natalia was fantastic. I had a facial done that included several injections of hydrolic acids and vitamins. She made sure my face was numb before proceeding and did a wonderful job. Highly recommend.”

Kay25 Feb 2017

“Natasha, you are a sorceress!))) I join everyone)) I will explain everything, tell, advise)) I did not dare to entrust my skin to anyone, but Natasha is a miracle!)) The skin is clean, breathes) The result is visible after the first time)) Now I will in the list of regular customers.”

Ekaterina Sergienko2 Sep 2014 (translated)

“I was at Natasha in early May 2014 with the serious problems of the skin (rosacea, inflammation, acne, etc. and etc.,). Frankly, my face was very much in a state of neglect, thinking nothing will not be able to help. During one session Natasha clearly identify the cause of all violations, recommended medications for treatment. To date, there are no sore! The skin visibly more beautiful. The course of treatment has only just begun, and the results can already contemplate)) Natasha, thank you) all, all the advice!”

Lyudmila Prokhorova2 Jun 2014 (translated)

“I’m meeting with Natalia for cosmetology) Indeed, she the specialist is very pleasant to work with. Time flies by unnoticed)) She always help and tell me if I have any questions and give necessary recommendations, which certainly is important. And you want to follow all the instructions, because you know that they will help! Thank you so much!”

Naila Seyhunova5 Aug 2013 (translated)

“I would like to say a big thank you for the excellent care and relief from skin problems)) especially considering what it is so capricious !!! For minimum time to turn the face into an ideal, I think is unrealistic, it was real))) and thank you very much for the fact that you are a wonderful person and always prompt and advise and tell): ***”

Alexandra Antipina3 Aug 2013 (translated)

“Очень благодарна Наталье за профессиональный подход и золотые руки! Никогда не посоветует лишнего, но честно говорит, что нужно улучшить. Уже третий год доверяю свое лицо только ей. Очень довольна результатами и получаю кучу комплиментов) Большое спасибо!”

Ксения Бычкова10 Марта 2018

“Наталья очень хороший человек и профессионал своего дела!
Индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту . Все что она может сделать — это сделать вас еще красивей и привлекательней.
Цените таких людей!
Их, очень мало!
Наталья, огромная вам благодарность.
Спасибо, благодаря вам. Я слышу больше комплиментов.”

Savinova Svetlana23 Февраля 2017

“Natalia was reccomended by a friend. She was warm and welcoming and made me feel comfirtable straight away. She is extremely professional with great advice and knowledge and can tell you exactly what you do need and what you don’t need. A lovely lady who I would highly reccomend. Also great prices.”

Beccy23 Feb 2017

“A good specialist, a master of her craft! So nice to talk during the procedure Thank you !!!”

Marina Kovalenko3 Jun 2014 (translated)

“I join the rest of the reviews) Natasha wonderful person and beautician) I did a chemical procedure. Peeling, in the future I want to refer to her again. Big thanks to her 🙂”

Anna Higs2 Jun 2014 (translated)

“Natalia is my hero. With 14 years I have struggled with problem skin, total, for the 27 years treated at probably at least 10 dermatologists, therapists and other physicians, cosmetologists, and remained inseparable from terrible acne, which added to the scars.
Starting active treatment a year ago, Natalia made me a brand new))) The process is still going, but the results of these 10 years I’ve been dreaming of.”

Nadezhda Apreleva2 Jun 2014 (translated)

“Natalia – very helpful, friendly and considerate person! Super-expert, treat any of your wishes or concerns with understanding and help you feel confident and be beautiful)”

Anton Bibikov4 Aug 2013 (translated)

“I tried Natasha’s makeup and the wonders of modern cosmetology!))) Natasha always correctly understand the desire of the customer, and have a good taste! And if you want to pamper your skin with a variety of treatments, but are not sure what exactly, Natasha will advise you and will do everything in the best possible way, you will not regret =) A woman must love yourself!”

Eleanora Molchanova2 Aug 2013 (translated)

“I’d tried a lot of masters before. Now I can say with confidence that Natalia is top class specialist. Decide on the mesotherapy procedure was difficult, because of my skin that usually covered lots of bruises, nagging, even for a week after any treatments. But Natalia made miracle — after the procedure there is no one bruises, and the skin is permanently updated. I was very happy individual and complex approach. Natasha — thank you very much!”

Julia Tielitts15 Nov 2016 (translated)

“Natasha treated me for about two years. I have sensitive skin, I always thought before. But I do not think so after Natasha’s treatments 🙂 You just need to find an approach, what is 100% Natasha’s merit. And, of course, diligently perform all of its recommendations for treatment, not to be lazy. Always help and tell you everything in detail and explain very clearly. I am very pleased that once came to her. Very happy with my skin right now.”

Irina Amosova3 Jun 2014 (translated)

“Natasha, thanks for your professionalism, sensitive attitude and attention! You’re a great doctor !!!”

Julia Pudova2 Jun 2014 (translated)

“Professional – is about Nataly, she’s very sociable. Procedures are quick and painless. Skin problems is much less!”

Tanya Pavlovskis2 Oct 2013 (translated)

“Wonderful professional and person, able to listen and hear the client! =)”

Valentina Maksyutina3 Aug 2013 (translated)

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